“In the same way that our imagination captures a woman's perfume, this aphrodisiac incense of desire can no longer be a dream and become a story because there is no woman without mystery nor intrigue without a scent.”

Ramón Monegal

Laura Nogués seems to have it all: a successful career as an architect, an enviable marriage, an intense social life ... but a voice inside her tells her she needs something else.

One day, she decides to leave everything behind and devote herself body and soul to her deepest passion: creating perfumes. Thus, Laura will head for the adventure of shaping a project with scents at its core. In Grasse, French Provence, the cradle of perfume, Laura will make her dreams come true and will create Jazmines, an architectural tribute to the five senses with which she will fight to find happiness and the true meaning of life: its quintessence.

Ramón Monegal, scion of one of the most important families of perfumers in the country, pays a wonderful homage to the creators of scents: a sensory journey into a woman’s soul in which we find a great love story, growth and hope.

Let yourself be seduced by La perfumista, a compelling story that will caress your soul.

Ramón Monegal

Publisher: Planeta
Year of publication: 2012
Content: Fiction
Language: Spanish